Flours (NON GMO also available)

Excellent source of protein and fiber, high nutritional value with low fat content.

They are complex carbohydrates that supply between 50-60% of the energy of the daily intake diet, they are part of the foods which functions include providing the needed energy for the body and retaining the body’s heat and optimum temperature.

We find some examples in foods like:
Rice, lentil, chickpea, bean, wheat, oat, barley, corn, linseed, quinoa, chia, amaranth, among others.

Natural Vegetable Fibers, Foods and Drinks (Caremoli)

Natural fibers that add texture, taste and adjuvants of the gastrointestinal processes that help towards the reduction of cholesterol and calories according to the formulation.

The vegetable fibers are considered preventive of diseases like colonic diverticulosis and they help control diabetes mellitus, obesity and colon cancer.
We have soluble and insoluble fibers that come from:
Acacia -Acacia sensu lato-
Pea -Pisum savitum-
Wheat -Triticum spp-
Oat -Avena sativa-.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) as a food additive; mass conditioner and oxidizer in bread making, it increases the capacity of retaining the carbonic gas giving as a result a larger volume bread and a more uniform crumb.

VCR Cocoa Replacer.

Product derived from wheat germ that replaces a percentage of the cocoa in its formulations, helping reduce fabrication costs. It is a source of fiber and protein and it reduces fat.

It´s a Kosher product.

Nutramunity™ - Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6

This Beta Glucan that is yeast based is a new ingredient that helps strengthen the body´s immune system – It can stimulate the immune system and it can help destroy cancer cells.

In its dry or suspended state, this ingredient is applicable in the following food formulations: Snacks, drinks, dairies, bread and candies.

In case of the aesthetic and cosmetic industry, it plays a key role because it helps the scarring process for surgery or traumatic wounds. In some cases, it fights and prevents the appearance of allergies.

Defatted Wheat Germ.
Foods and Drinks

A source of natural fiber that adds texture and flavor to the formulations; 0% fat and it contains around 26% of protein.

Different granulometries according to the formula.

Non Gluten Premixes Foods and Drinks

Premixes of ingredients that are gluten free for the fabrication of pastas, pizza doughs, cookies, pastries, pound cakes, biscuits, bakery, among others. Thanks to its properties, the gluten free premixes are ideal for people who suffer from celiac disease by not containing wheat gluten


They are water or hydrocolloid soluble polysaccharides that act as hydrating and texturizing agents that add viscosity. Thickeners and stabilizers that can be applied to sauces, dressings, baby foods, drinks, dairy products, bakery, among others.

Available Gums


(Bakery, pastries, sauces, dairy drinks, ice creams) Its effect is so effective that it´s one of the determining ingredients for gluten free flours because it can replace the binding effect of wheat gluten.


Powdered drinks, instant products, bakery, sauces, dressings, drinks, desserts, fruit preparations, syrups, marinated and vinaigrettes.


It provides texture for gluten free bakery products, it can also be used in desserts, dairies and drinks. Its properties are reduced with a pH that is lower than 5

LBG Locust Bean Gum

(Bakery, pastries, dairy drinks, desserts, sauces, cheeses). Acts as a thickener and gelling agent generating texture to the preparations.

Psyllium · Texturizer and Nutritive Natural Fiber

Highly pure natural fiber from Indian origin, it´s the ground peel of the plantain, famous for being used as a natural remedy for intestinal constipation.

The Psyllium moist retention agent, that adds viscosity and is an excellent source of fiber which is highly nutritive. It has a broad range of applications for foods (bakery, ice creams, drinks, nutritional foods, pasta and in gluten free formulations.

It´s ideal for making gluten free bread and you can use this complement in biscuits, doughs and pastry in general.

Natural Vitamin E.
(USA Origin)

Vitamin E, also know as tocoferol, is a liposoluble vitamin that dissolves in the fat and is essential for the organism since it is an antioxidant that helps protect the cells against damage caused by free radicals.

Furthermore, it stimulates the immune system so that it combats the presence of virus and bacterias in the body.

Vitamin E also protects the heart, the brain and the sight. Powder and oil presentations are available.

Soy Isoflavones.
Foods and Drinks (USA Origin)

It acts as an antioxidant in the organism. It has a similar structure as estrogen and it shares some physiological similarities. The isoflavones can be Phyto estrogenic and help reduce the post-menopausal symptoms.

In case of osteoporosis, the action of the soy isoflavones in the bone can be considered beneficial because they stimulate the activity of the osteoblasts.

Vitamin Premixes.
(Research Products Company)

Naturally sourced vitamins and minerals. We help you design the vitamin premixes that you need for your product based on: fabrication process, packaging and the target market according to the expected nutritional impact.

Enzymatic Solutions Baking

Line of solutions and wheat flour improving ingredients, agents that increase moisture absorption, texturizers and increases shelf life to baked goods.

Solutions for making pasta.

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